Potatoes planted, and now stones, stones, and more stones!

Okay, so we’ve planted our potatoes. We found a great source of beautiful, organic manure,which we have added in copious amounts, so we should have great tasting spuds! We’ve got our watering system in place, and all is well!



Or it would be, if only we didn’t have to earth them up! We thought we may not have to, but I think that as much as we tried, we didn’t get them as deep as they need to be 😦 This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the gazillions of stones that cover our land.

There isn’t really any point in earthing up potatoes with stones, so we are getting rid of them…row by row. It’s no easy task, and we’ve already been at it for 5 days, and still have many more rows to destone!

This is how our soil looks once the bigger stones have been removed. This is how we need to get all the rows to look!


If only there was a tractor attachment for stone collecting! Well actually there does appear to be! Somebody has actually invented one, and as soon as we can afford one, I think this is a definite must to for us!




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