Nettle tea

It won’t be long until our tomato seedlings are ready to be planted out, and we need to protect them from pests.

So we’ve been busy collecting nettles in order to make nettle tea. The stinging nettle truly is one of those ‘weeds’ that is invaluable for the garden.


DSC_0010 copy

Nettle tea is said to be the natural equivalent of NPK. Stinging nettles contain chlorophyll, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and along with Vitamins A, B1, B5, C, D, E, and K.

So, by spraying tomato plants with the tea, we aren’t just keeping away the bugs that can eat them. We’re also giving our plants vital nutrients, improving the quality of our tomatoes.

If we have any left over we will use it as a natural fertilizer for our  tomatos, leeks, brassicas, cucumbers and courgettes, as these are all in need of extra nutrients.

I’m hoping we’ll have enough to give a little to our blueberry bushes, as they could also do with it. But I think we’ve pretty much exhausted our supply of nettles now! Perhaps we’ll look for a spot where we can purposely grow some next year…

By the way, nettle tea couldn’t be easier to make…just collect as many stinging nettles as you need, be careful to cover up, they really do sting! Also remember, if you do get stung, there will be some dock leaves around..they always grow close to nettles. Just a rub a leaf of the sting and you’ll get instant relief.

dock leaf.jpg


9 responses to “Nettle tea

  1. Yes, do grow nettles specially! You could even try eating some (I’ve really got into creamed nettle soup and can’t wait till there are enough nettles for me to forage).

    I’m amazed that you can already think of planting out tomatoes. Do you get frost at all where you are?


    • You’re right, Helen, we’ll find a patch for them and grow them! And yes, we’ll try the soup some too, I’ve often wanted to and never got round to it, thanks for the reminder 🙂
      We’re not ready just yet to plant out the tomatoes, as we’re still getting the odd cooler day, and the plants are still small, but it won’t be long. We need to get the trellis up and ready, let’s put it that way.
      Frost is almost unheard of in Mallorca, are you still getting frost there?


      • Yes, we had frost last night, though to be honest it was a bit of a surprise (for me at any rate) as over the last few years we’ve had barely any.

        What kind of trellis do you use for your tomatoes?


      • Brrr, hope it doesn’t hang around!
        We’re planning on using string tied to metal stakes, nothing special, and not properly designed yet either, we need to get a move on 🙂 Have a great Sunday, Helen


      • Have a great Sunday, too, Kathy. The hour has gone forward (as I guess it must have for you), so that means the possibility of enjoying the garden till 8pm tonight!

        I’m growing two new (to me) tomatoes, one of which I know the size of plant, but the other… before I’ve always used just a cane to prop the tomato plants up but you never know, these might turn out to need more support! Anyway, sounds like you’re halfway there.


      • So great to get home from work and do even something small in the garden, that’s for sure. Hope you’ll stop feeling exhausted once you get into the new routine.

        I’m growing an organic, can’t read the name on the label but I think it is some type of cherry; then there is a stripey tomato and maybe some long thin ones, though I haven’t sown any seeds for those and I don’t think I’ll have room. How about you?


      • It’s so great to garden, you’re right, Helen! Our problem is that we got used to finishing at 7:30, and although we were delighted to have the extra hour, it means that we’re getting literally no relaxation time in the evening! So we’ve decided to make 7:30 our cut off time again!
        We’re growing a beautiful tomato called feo de rio gordo, it’s sooo tasty. And a cherry called gardener’s ecstasy. Also green striped zebra, and also we’ve been sent some free tomato seeds from Spain. Heirloom varieties, I can’t remember what they’re called, I’ll try to remember to let you know 🙂 Lets hope we both get a great crop this year!


      • Yes, let’s hope it’s a good year for tomatoes!

        If you’ve been working all day, probably a good idea to enjoy the light evenings in other ways 😄.


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