Twenty years of weeds

We know from our neighbours that before we took it over, our land was abandoned for at least twenty years, and that even when it wasn’t, most of it wasn’t used.

So much of our soil has never been cultivated, which is fantastic for us. However, it does mean a lot of work as far as getting rid of weeds, and pruning trees, is concerned. We’re doing reasonably small areas at a time, so it’s not overwhelming, and at the moment, we’re working on the area next to the veg garden, as we’re going to take a risk and extend the garden beyond the fences.

We know there are rabbits around as Misha, our dog, goes nuts digging up there, but we figure with her on the scene, they won’t stick around long.


Here’s hoping! According to local knowledge, most farmers reckon on losing 10% of their crop to rabbits, rats, or other circumstances, so we’ll account for that when planting.

In the meantime, back to cutting down those weeds…or bad herbs, as they’re commonly known here 🙂


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