Trefoil lookalike!

Much of my time lately has been spent in cutting down these beautiful little flowers.


We have them literally everywhere! In the beginning…we were soooo happy to see them everywhere. The whole island boasts them in the winter, and they add such colour and warmth.



But we weren’t just happy because of their aesthetic value..we thought they were trefoil flowers! Trefoil is amazing for the soil – mainly because it is a miraculous nitrogen fixer. So much so that we planted some seeds in the garden back in Feb 2016.

Our neighbours kept telling us to get rid of it. “It’s terrible for the garden!” they proclaimed. We patiently explained that it’s great for the garden, yes it grows profusely, but that’s what we  want, we insisted.

Until one day we realised that these beautiful creatures had deceived us! They were not our beloved trefoil after all, but truly an imposter – one named Bermuda buttercup, from the oxalis family.

Far from providing nutrients to the soil, they rob it of everything they need for their own survival! And we had it everywhere!

Needless to say, I got to work straight away with my trusty strimmer to eliminate as much as possible! It seems that little of the garden has been affected, but most of the strawberry plants have disappeared. Whether that’s due to the buttercups or something else remains to be seen…





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